Full-Line Systems

Full Line Systems

Printco Industries supplies a wide variety of full line configurations to many clients all over the world.  Our solutions vary from paper packaging, wallpaper, foil, film and bag printing installations.  From single pass to multi process printing and converting our roll to roll systems are impressive.  Through strong collaboration with our clients and unrivaled commitment to detail we’ll develop a specification that allows us to produce a line that stays within budget and offers the most innovative options available.  Our team will manage all project details and work closely with your vendors to provide a successful turnkey installation.  Whether you’re replacing an outdated line or have a new idea Printco’s experienced team is happy to assist you with all your needs.

Please contact us at 844-217-7781 or email us at sales@printco-industries.com.

SUBSTRATEPaper, film, foil
REPEAT RANGE12 – 52 inches
SPEED250 – 2500 FPM
WIDTH10 – 140 inches
COLORS1 – 8 Stations
DRIVE PLATFORMGeared (Standard)
FLUID TRANSFERDoctor Blade System
Registration (Manual)Automated Thread Up
Linear CountersServo Drive Platform
TouchscreenWash Up System
Interlocked GuardingDrying (Forced Air, IR, UV, Compressed Air)
Min. 2″ Thick FramesInk Pumps
Anilox Sunday DriveServo Racking
Sidelay (Manual)Web Inspection
Way CoversAutomated Circumferential Registration
Unwind, Rewind, Slitting, Coating, Chilling
Fountain Roll System
Tension Control
Web Guides
Digital Print Station
Corona Treating