Doctor Blade Systems

Reverse Angle Doctor Blade Systems

Printco Industries is a leader in the design and manufacture of Reverse Angle Doctor Blade Systems.  We have a rich and deep history extendng over 35 years dedicated to this specific product. Our extensive archive of OEM equipment specifications combined with our tremendous technical resources make us the preferred choice for your project.

The Reverse Angle Doctor Blade System is utilized primarily to efficiently transfer inks, coating, adhesives and wax to an engraved roll.  

Printco has developed 8 models that can be retrofitted to your existing press or new installation.

Some of the great benefits include:

  • Faster press speed (up to 3000 fpm) vs. conventional fountain roll systems
  • Substantially reduced color change downtime
  • Constistent and higher print quality
  • Reduction in ambient VOC emissions
  • Substantial reduction in fluid waste
  • Improved viscosity control

Standard and available options include:

  • Quick remove chamber
  • Cantilever mounting
  • Loading – gear, pneumatic, motor assist
  • Oscillation
  • Heated chamber
  • Linear adjustment manual or pneumatic
  • Stainless steel, trulyte, or aluminium
Series Roll Diameter Volume
88sm3.25 – 4.250.25 Fluid Oz. / Inch
88lg5.00 – 8.000.38
1200sm3.25 – 4.250.83
1200lg5.00 – 8.001.24
26003.25 – 5.00 0.77
29005.00 – 13.001.31
128310.00 – 13.002.35