Printco offers a wide array of doctor blades to fit our assemblies as well as any other system on the market.  We stock steel, plasteel, esterlam, plastic and mylar blades. All blades can be purchased in pre-cut lengths or full rolls.  In most cases all orders are processed same day and can be expedited to your door if needed. If you’re unsure what blades are correct for your application or you require longer life from your blades, let our technical sales staff assist you.


  • Sealing blade only
  • Performs well on most rolls
  • Inexpensive


  • All-purpose metering blade
  • High precision doctoring for ceramic rolls
  • Works well with water based and solvent based inks


  • All purpose doctoring on chrome and ceramic rolls
  • Substituted for steel blades
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Metering blade generally used with coating application
  • Performs well on chrome rolls
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Precision doctoring for a variety of rolls
  • High performance with most applications
  • Corrosion resistant
Steel Doctor Blades and Mylar doctor blades
Plastic, steel doctor blades


Longer than anyone else in the market, Printco’s experience with doctor blade system performance is unmatched.  End sealing is a key component in the ultimate success of your system. In choosing the correct seal for your application you will ensure longer seal life and drip free performance.  Our standard end seals are developed specifically for our units and are recommended when using a Printco Industries Doctor Blade System. Printco offers different base materials for their end seals including: foam, felt, and neoprene.


  • All purpose
  • Resistant to most fluids
  • Economy seals for short production runs
  • Variety of densities for long runs for water based and solvent based inks


  • Ideal for long runs
  • Excellent seal with water-based inks
  • Lasts longer than foam 
  • Higher cost per unit
  • Higher density


  • Excellent seal for alcohol-based inks
  • Excellent memory
  • Very durable
  • Higher cost per unit
  • Medium density
red, blue, green foam End Seals
neoprene, felt end seals for doctor blade systems