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Flexographic Printing Presses

The Printco Industries LLC Flexographic Printing Press (One to Eight Colors) is designed to be retrofit inline with your existing process lines. Some of the standard features on our press includes:

  • Double wall, temperature controlled impression drum
  • Repeat ranges from 12" to 36"
  • Speeds up to 1,200 fpm
  • Horizontal, hydraulic print deck lock-up
  • Cantilevered (side-loading) plate cylinder mandrel system to accept plate cylinder printing sleeves.
  • Printco Industries' time tested "Reverse Angle Doctor Blade System" with quick removable feature.
  • Integrated press drive with PLC control system to interface with the existing line drive system.
  • Impression delay
  • Ceramic/laser engraved anilox rolls
  • Remote, circumferential register controls
  • Quick, removable between-color dryers

Optional Features:

  • Servo Drive Deck Control System
  • Gearless Color Deck Drive
  • Designed to accept existing anilox rolls from other OEM presses
Standard Flexographic Printing Press

Overhead dryers are available in either the enclosed design or the clam shell type style which offers simple access to the web and idlers and allows easy removal of nozzles should they require cleaning. The overhead and between-color drying systems have separate gas burners and blowers for better dryer control. Nozzle velocity is normally 10,000 fpm in the overhead dryer and 7,500 fpm per nozzle in our dual nozzle, between-color dryers.

The chill roll section normally includes two (2) double wall, 12" diameter rolls with a nip roll.

Tension and web guidance systems are individually designed for each application.

Unwind and rewind designs range from single position to fully automatic turret types and either are available with core shafts, shaftless or phantom axis features. In-line slitting is also an option.

Gravure lines can be designed for direct, offset, or reverse gravure with the number of stations determined by your needs. Cart-type systems, allowing you to run a combination of gravure and flexo in the same line, are also available. Registration systems are designed to meet your quality requirements. Individual clam shell type dryers can be included with each station to facilitate clean-up and web threading.

We design our machinery with you and your operator/maintenance personnel in mind. You will have complete control of decisions regarding your equipment throughout all phases of designs and manufacture, and all vendor supplied items (drives, pulleys, belts, hoses, pumps, hydraulic cylinders, fittings burners, etc.) are available locally for your convenience. In addition, our experienced sales and engineering personnel are always ready to assist you.

If you are in the market for a printer or coater, give us a call. We offer competitively priced, custom-designed machinery that will get the job done right.